Tips for safe downloading of software or files from file sharing - Almost all computer users, laptops, smartphones or other devices have downloaded a software / application. Regardless of the application, ensuring that the software is safe is something that all computer users need to know. Because not all software that is scattered on the internet is safe, sometimes the software can be inserted by adware, viruses or malware.
So you can get the software as you wish without any problems. This time WinPoin will give you some tips that you can use before downloading a piece of software.

Take advantage of Search Engines

The basic thing that needs to be ensured is downloading it from a trusted place. When you search by typing the desired keyword software on Google, then usually the top results are searches that are often used by many people.

Download from Official Source

Is a continuation of the first point, usually the top result is the address of the official source / official software website.

But there is also software available outside the official website. Usually there is a reupload of the software, some of which are MajorGeeks, Filehippo, CNET Download or Softpedia.

Make sure the Download Link is Correct

This is an important thing if you do not download software from official sources. Because many fake download links from ads are displayed on the page before downloading, this usually appears when wanting to download software via file sharing.

One of the tips that can be done to prevent this is to pay attention to the existing download link, point the mouse directly to the download link. Usually a preview link will appear in the lower left corner. If the link is indeed correct with the software you want, then it is certain that the link is genuine.

Another way that you can be sure is, if you've already downloaded from a fake link, then usually the file size downloaded is relatively small. Then you can be sure that it's a fake installer file, so don't run it.

Look for Review Regarding the Application

If the software you want to download is not very well known, then try to googling first about the related software. Usually there are also people who do a review of the application.

Scan with Anti Virus

You can scan the file you want to download. You can do this by using the help of the VirusTotal site, then you can upload the software (which has already been downloaded) or by entering the software download link.

In addition, if you already use Anti-Virus, usually software that contains malware / viruses will be easily detected, so a warning will appear to not run the software.

Pay attention to the Installation Process

When installing the software, make sure you read every instruction in the wizard. Because sometimes the software brings adware / bloatware during installation which usually causes a change in the default home page and search engine in the browser.

If this has happened, then you need to clean it using software. (Read: How to Remove Annoying Adware)

Ensure Authenticity of Installer Software

At the time the software installation file has been downloaded. So before installing, it's a good idea to check the authenticity of the file by using the Checksum method, which WinPoin has discussed earlier.

This point can be done with a note, that the source of the file also includes a Checksum (so that we can match the downloaded results). If not, then you cannot confirm the authenticity of the file using this method.

Now there are 7 ways you can confirm before downloading and installing a software. If there is anything you want to add or ask, please ask via the comments column.